In 2012 I took a show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe show at Theatre 1 in 'The Spaces on the Mile'

13-18th of August 2012

Sex, Lyres and Audiotape

Harps, Lyres, Shawms and other ancient instruments scatter the stage to tell the tale of the tragedies, rivalries, joys and scandals of the music of the past. Then you might have enjoyed different music, played different instruments but it wasn't your personal taste that governed your choice but your status, wealth and sex. Come and take a journey through music's fascinating and revealing history and let an experienced storyteller evoke what once was.


I had a marvellous time and got some wonderful feedback including an excellent review


 I'm still hoping to tour the show. Stay tuned for news.

 In the meantime I'm thinking of a new show to take next year. I've been inspired by the Indus Valley Civilisation. An amazingly advanced culture for it's time that vanished almost without trace and was forgotten as it didn't pass on any of it's stories. So I fancy an evening of tales of lost civilisations and perhaps I can find a way to bring them back to life.