Although I have a wide repertoire of stories I like to focus on ancient and medieval stories and music. I frequently perform as a medieval pilgrim and tell stories I could have collected as I wandered, risking bandits and shipwreck, to visit the Holy Places of Europe and the Near East.

This gives me a rich source of authentic tales and I tell of Robin Hood, King Arthur, St George and the Dragon, Alexander the Great and Beowulf as well as stories from the Bible, the Decameron, The Canterbury Tales, 1001 Nights, Herodotus and Aesops Fables. I also tell the tales that inspired Shakespeare as well as those from Greek and Roman Mythology.

I've recently developed an award winning telling of the Epic Cycle of Troy that I tell in two thirty & one fifty minute stories that can be told as one long set with short intervals. The middle part of this story cycle is the Iliad which is a 55 minute show and taken it to Pentameters Theatre and the Brighton & Clapham Fringes. I'm investigating taking it on tour, so please contact me if you'd like to know more of would like to be on my mailing list.

My storytelling style can be very interactive and sometimes even declamatory and varies from humorous to dramatic as pleases the audience. I perform in and out of costume as suits the venue and event.