I also give talks on various aspects of medieval life and the history of music in a storytelling style in order to entertain as well as educate. I frequently wear medieval costume (either peasant or Noble) and use many other authentic reproduction - and a few original - items and furniture to add atmosphere and happily encourage people to handle the instruments afterwards.

My current talks are:-

Sex, Lyres and Audiotape.

The History of Music: Ancient to Medieval.

Medieval Pilgrimage; its dangers, rewards and scandals.

Music and Religion in the West; Ancient to Medieval.

Medieval Travellers

Medieval Minstrels.

Sex, Status and Musical Instruments.

History's Greatest Musical Rivalry: The Harp and the Lyre.

The Story of Crumhorns.

All these talks involve live music on a wide variety of instruments and can be highly interactive if the audience is willing. Most last an hour (including time for questions), the Travellers talk is longer and the last three are much shorter but the timings can be adjusted as needed.